Zhineng Qigong Classes in English

Zhineng Qigong classes in English

Learn how to calm your mind and make your body more relaxed, supple and strong with Zhineng Qigong. Zhineng Qigong is a simple and pleasant Chinese martial art.
The slow Qigong movements stimulate the flow of energy in the body, reduce stress and make you feel happier.
You are very welcome to join me for one of the daily trial online and in-person Zhineng Qigong classes in English.

Weekly Zhineng Qigong classes in English

Thu: 10:00 – 11:30
NB: please call me if you want to join classes at other hours! We might be able to work something out :). I teach everyday (mon-fri) 9:30-17:30h.


Regular full classes: €14,- per lesson or €135,- for 10 lessons

Sign up for Zhineng Qigong!

Please call me on +31 6 26 77 06 69 if you would like to sign up for Zhineng Qigong classes in English. I offer private lessons and group lessons. If you require a different timeslot, I will see how I can fit that in.

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Special Neck Health Programme in June 2024

From Tuesday, 28 May, I will be teaching a 6-week new class, repeating and deepening neck, back and shoulder exercises, online, every Tuesday 17.00-18.30 h CET.
6 lessons: €77,-

We will be doing 1.5 hours of super relaxed qigong in a strong qi field, hopefully with as many participants as possible from all over the world. 6 Tuesdays focus on solving neck and shoulder problems, with special exercises. These exercises are also very suitable for relieving headaches and improving your back. During the course I not only pay attention to the physical solutions, but you also learn how to work specifically with other aspects, such as emotions and the power of the mind.

Register: 0031-6-26770669

Qigong active retreat Lanzarote (8-15 Feb 2025)

Every day from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. you have Qigong lessons indoors or outdoors on the beach of Famara. The afternoons are free to spend. But of course you can also participate in one of our other workshops: free diving, wave surfing, body boarding or learning to dive to the underwater museum of Lanzarote.
We are staying in a beautiful house in the super relaxed surfing village of Famara.
During a special workshop by professional free diver Mara you will learn how free diving works and together we will delve deeper into the similarities between Qigong and free diving. This includes, for example, relaxation and breathing techniques and how you can learn to use a strong, healthy mindset. To become mentally stronger, more relaxed, fitter or happier, but also to overcome fear, for example.
You can then choose whether you want to get your license for free diving, diving or surfing, for example.

Practical information:

Date: Feb 8-15, 2024 Where to stay: Lanzarote, Famara
Costs: €875,- this includes six days of Qigong lessons, introduction to free diving, a day of surfing at Famara, organization and overnight stays. It does not include meals and transportation.
Participants: max 6

Huaxia Center Holland (13-17 Nov)

It has been our dream for a long time to bring the Huaxia center (the drug-free hospital where most people were healed by practicing Zhineng Qigong) to the Netherlands.
And it worked! From November 13-17 November, master Liu, one of the teachers from the Huaxia Center, together with a team of certified Qi therapists, will come to Groesbeek for a five-day program.

We follow the same procedure as used to exist in the Huaxia Center: participants practice Qigong and also receive Qi treatments by certified Qi Therapists (as a group and individually, tailor-made). This method has proven to be particularly effective for people who want to improve their health. More than 95 percent of these people healed at the center or made great progress.
This program has already existed in Austria in recent years, but now we are organizing it in the Netherlands for the first time. This first year there is room for a maximum of 40 people. We expect it to fill up very quickly, so placement will be in the order in which registrations are received.

Practical Information

Huaxia Holland Date: Nov 13-17 2024
Location: De Poort, Groesbeek
Price: €695 incl. lunch, coffee and tea (early bird registration before 10 July: one free personal treatment by the whole qi therapist team (€40).
Organization: Lot Wijlhuizen (06-26770669) and Wabke Bouman (06-21201291)

Both are certified Qi therapist and Zhineng Qigong teacher Register via this link: https://qifriends.com/product/healing-retraite-master-liu-november-2024

What was the Huaxia Center?

The Huaxia Zhineng Center was a drug-free hospital in China that only worked with Zhineng Qigong.
It was open from 1991 to 2001 and saw more than 300,000 patients (here they were called students) during that time. The patients had often been abandoned by Western and Eastern medicine.
The center was founded by. Dr. Pang Ming, a Qigong grandmaster and physician, trained in both Western and Chinese Traditional Medicine. This hospital was the largest of its kind in China (and probably in the world). The Center avoided medications and focused on exercise (Qigong) and learning to work with life energy (Qi) and developing mind strength.
It was a non-profit organization and recognized by the Chinese government as a legitimate clinic. Over the years, the center has treated more than one hundred and eighty diseases, with an overall success rate of over 95%.
The method (Zhineng Qigong) is based on the 5000 year old concept of Qigong (chigong, chi kung) and on modern medical knowledge.

About me

Hi, I am Lot!
Since 2012 I have been a full-time Zhineng Qigong teacher. I teach a fixed group of enthusiastic Zhineng Qigong practitioners every day. From 2011 onwards I studied various Qigong forms with more than 15 different Qigong Masters in Europe and China.
In 2012 I obtained my Qigong teacher diploma at the Qing Bai Academy for TCM.
I currently teach Zhineng Qigong level 1,2 and 3, Shaolin Qigong 8 Brocades and Taiji Ball.
In 2023 I graduated Cum Laude as a Hunyuan Qi Therapist and have been working as a certified Qi Therapist and health coach ever since.
I am currently studying Medical Qigong/Zhengti Therapy.
Chinese Masters with whom I take lessons are: Master Liu, Jianshe, Mingtong Gu, Tao, Wei, Li, Lu and Wang, Xie, Xi, Ping, Ooi Kean Hin and Ning.
International teachers: Anne Hering, Lee Holden, Chi Neng Institute/ Patricia van Walstein and Reyna Lerma.

You are very welcome for a trial lesson!

Contact details

Lot Wijlhuizen
Vrolikstraat, Amsterdam
+31 6 26 77 06 69

Are you looking for German classes? Anke gives (online) daily morning classes in German.